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  • Fine Bone Structure
  • Great Growth Rates
  • UK Pedigree Beef
  • Worldwide reputation
  • Easy Calving Bulls
  • High Fertility
  • Cross Bazadaise Cows
  • Muscular body
  • Quality beef cattle
Bazadaise Cattle Society

Bazadaise Characteristics & History

Bazadaise cows first originated in 1895, in an historic town of Bazas, France and were first brought to England several years later, in 1989.

Bazadaise - pronounced Baz-A-Day, are an exceptional and adaptable working breed due to their hardiness and endurance to all weather conditions, making them a continued popular and developing breed of cattle.

Bazadaise cattle have a quiet temperament, making them easy to breed and handle. With an exceptional body length, well defined bone structure and muscular body, bazadaise are well-known for their grass finishing ability, easy calving and mobility.

Whilst the bulls are generally dark grey in colour, the cows are often a lighter grey with a wheat colouring.